This institution was opened at 1910 during the times of British Government my ancestor taught Silambam, Kusthi and other similar arts to people. Due to his tireless relentless dedication to the art my ancestor was entitled as Kusthimaster by his beloved followers. After him the responsibility of the institute was taken over by my father under his dynamic leadership the institute bloomed like a beautiful flower in the garden of new generation. Music, Art, Dance, Tuition for school children were some of the new branches that institute had grown under his leadership. He also offered job counseling. The institute was not approved by any government body as it was not necessary those days. The institute lagged even a proper name.

Gone are those days, the new era of education begins. The institution enters the new era with its new name VCVRT. The institute now covers 41 sectors and provides superior vocational education such as certificate and diploma courses. Skill courses are also available in all sectors. The main objective of our institution is to provide people their respective vocational education in respective sectors, eradication of unemployment and sustained economical development of society through vocational education. Through our placement cell we provide opportunities of employment in India as well as abroad.